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Tree Care

If you’re not planning to take your tree inside immediately when you get it home, keep it outside in a cool, shaded place - standing in a bucket of water if possible.

Once you’re ready to take the tree inside, cut 2cm off the bottom of the trunk. Make sure you get the cut as straight as possible to make it easier getting the tree straight in your stand. It’s very important that you get the tree in a stand with lots of water within 1 hour of cutting the base off to help keep the tree fresh for as long as possible. It’s also recommended to keep your tree away from heat sources and check the water level regularly, topping it up whenever required.

For pot grown trees, ensure you keep them from drying out whilst they're inside. If you then want to plant the tree in your garden you can do so in January/February. We'd recommend removing the lowest 8 inches of branches from the tree once you've put it in the ground - this takes a lot of the pressure off the root system of the tree and will help it get through the first growing season in its new home. Make sure you keep the tree watered /fed throughout the year until the winter.

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